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Youth Classes

Tiny Drummers

A musical experience designed for preschool children. We offer classes for 0-1 and 2-3 year-olds. Young drummers and their caregivers are encouraged to explore and experiment with instruments and sounds while experiencing the rhythms created by the teachers and adults. Our pre-school program combines free-roam exploration with group activities that are perfect for young minds looking to develop their musical skills.

Sound Explorers

A percussion class designed for K-2nd graders. This is the perfect class to introduce group music, music reading, and percussion to your child. Students take part in engaging games and activities that build fundamental skills on well-known and accessible instruments like boom-whackers, deskbells, bucket drums, and Orff marimbas!

Beat Keepers

A percussion class designed for 3rd-5th graders. This group class gives students a chance to take ownership over their musicianship while furthering their skills on all types of percussion instruments. Students will be able to improve their music reading, rhythm, and ensemble skills in this fun and active percussion class.

Intermediate Percussion Ensemble

This class takes middle schoolers through a variety of percussion idioms. Students have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments including hand drums, orchestral percussion, found objects, and more. Our studies center on developing technique, music reading skills, and creating our own music.

Advanced Percussion Ensemble

This class takes high schoolers through a variety of percussion idioms. Students have the opportunity to learn what is means to play percussion in an accessible and fun group music setting. With our studies centering on ensemble playing, music reading, and refining our percussion technique, this class is perfect for high schoolers looking to get started or sharpen their skills as a percussionist.

Hand Drumming

This class will build the musicality and fundamental techniques on hand drums for students from 15 years-old and up. The curriculum will take the students through many playing styles and opportunities to play grooves on a variety of hand-held instruments.

Children Playing Bongo Drums
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