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Sound Explorers


In the Sound Explorers class, students will play mallet instruments, drums, boom whackers, and more! Our Sound Explorers get to learn the fundamentals of group percussion playing and music reading through sound exploration, creative movement, and game-based music activities.

Skills gained:

  • Learning the connection between movement and sound.

  • Developing a steady beat

  • Understanding differences in rhythm, melody, harmony

  • Building coordination between limbs.

  • Learning how pictures influence sound

  • Basic drumstick, hand, and shaker techniques

Music and Activities:

We use the ever-popular Orff instruments, boomwhackers, and other recognizable instruments and music alongside our own games and exercises to create a progressive curriculum that's fun and engaging. Each class follows the same structure so our students can build a sense of familiarity and ownership over the class flow.


Open to all interested students from K - 2nd grade.


Thursdays from 5:00p - 5:45p.

Classes begin on April 18th.

Signing up late? No problem! Students can join into class at any time.


1732 NW Market Street


Classes are invited to take part in the end-of-quarter performances. 


Monthly payments of $120

No payment will be collected at sign-up.

We'll contact you when the time is right!

read our Payment and Cancellation Policy


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