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Tiny Drummers


Tiny Drummers is a class for preschool-aged children. Come experience music a welcoming and encouraging “free-play” learning environment where our teachers help you and your little one connect to music through songs and activities. In this class, caregivers take part in the learning process!

What to expect:

  • Learning to follow your child’s innate musicality

  • Call and response rhythms (to play with or on your child)

  • Play and sing along with songs

  • Stories with sounds

  • Learning about colors, numbers, sharing, and more!

  • Learning what it means to play loud, soft, fast, and slow.

Music and Activities:

Our Tiny Drummers will use all sorts of percussion instruments to play along with the class. We'll sing, drum, read stories, and move our bodies all while learning about music, colors, numbers, sharing, cleaning-up, and much more.

How to find our classes:

• press this button

• click on "book appointment"

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• select "Group"

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• select a day to reveal class times

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Open to all interested toddlers from 1-3 years old. This class is for kids and their caregivers.

Summer Schedule

Classes are 30 minutes long.

Tiny Drummers Summer 2024 Calendar.jpg
Tiny Drummers Summer 2024 Calendar August.jpg



1732 NW Market Street

Cost and Payments

4 Class Package: $100 

10 Class Package: $225

read our Payment and Cancellation Policy

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