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Advanced Percussion


Skills gained:

  • Learn the etiquette and discipline needed to be a contributing member in a group music environment.

  • Developing a steady beat

  • Understanding differences in rhythm, melody, harmony, and how to balance an ensemble

  • Understanding how to play and read note durations of Whole, Half, Quarter, and Eighth Notes.

  • An introduction to reading music on the Treble Clef Staff

  • Introduction to drumstick, hand, mallet, and shaker techniques

  • Learning how movement can inform sound creation

Music and Activites:

We use the ever popular Orff instruments, boomwhackers, and other recognizable instruments and music along side our own games and exercises to create a progressive curriculum that's fun and engaging. Our classes follow the same format ever week so our students can build a sense of familiarity and ownership over the class flow. 


Open to high school students.


We're excited to launch this class in​ September 2023. Sign up before June 1st and get the first month FREE.


1732 NW Market Street.


Classes are invited to take part in end-of-quarter performances. 


Monthly payments of $120

No payment will be collected at sign-up.

We'll contact you when the time is right!

read our Payment and Cancellation Policy


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