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Advanced Percussion


This high school percussion class is meant to give percussionists in-depth technical and musical training. The class will take students beyond the limits of their school band program and allow them to take a central role in the overall ensemble sound. Small classes of 7 students mean plenty of individual attention and greater opportunity for musical growth.

Skills gained:

  • Learn the etiquette and discipline needed to be a contributing member in a chamber music environment.

  • Developing a wide range of technical abilities across all instruments

  • Developing internal musicianship through groove-based pieces and exercises 

  • Deepening the understanding of written music

Music and Activites:

This class will employ a balance between written music and learning music by wrote. Our students will have the chance to improve their skills on mallet instruments, traditional drums, hand drums, and all orchestral instruments. The class will perform at the end of each quarter in recitals.


Open to high school students.


Thursdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Starting April 18th.

Class Schedule follows Seattle Public School breaks.


1732 NW Market Street.


Classes are invited to take part in end-of-quarter performances. 


Monthly payments of $120

No payment will be collected at sign-up.

We'll contact you when the time is right!

read our Payment and Cancellation Policy


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