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Intermediate Percussion


This class is great for all middle school percussion students. Our percussion ensemble classes teach the important skills that are overlooked in most school band programs. This class balances natural musicianship with important academic skills like music reading, percussion technique, and playing with a conductor.

Skills gained:

  • Learn the etiquette and accountability needed to be a contributing member in a group music environment

  • Developing creative musicianship

  • Technique on all percussion instruments

  • Beginner music reading

Music and Activities:

We center our class around standard orchestral percussion instruments while opening the sound world up to found objects and instruments from around the world. Our students will be assigned a written percussion ensemble piece, a creative piece, and pieces that push the boundaries of what we consider to be percussion.


Open to all interested students from 6th to 8th grade.


Classes are ongoing. Sign up at anytime!

Wednesdays from 7:15p - 8:45p


1732 NW Market Street


Classes are invited to take part in end-of-quarter performances. 


Monthly payments of $120

No payment will be collected at sign-up.

We'll contact you when the time is right!

read our Payment and Cancellation Policy


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