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 Class AND Summer Camp Registration is Now Open! Sign up today.

Classes for all ages. Improve your music and drumming skills in a fun and progressive group class setting.

Summer day camps for kids of all ages. Learn to drum, build instruments, explore different percussion styles, and play music together.

Private lessons for aspiring percussionists of all ages. Build your rhythm, keyboard, and drumming skills. Much more than just drumset!  

Sound Baths, drum circles, and performances. Stay up to date with our special events and concerts.

We provide opportunities for individuals to express themselves creatively, develop their skills and talents, and cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of music. Through our commitment to excellence and collaboration, we aim to create unforgettable experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire our audiences.

Betty - Student

“The best part about drum lessons with Mr. Storm is that we don't just go through a lesson book. He makes the lessons specific to what I need to focus on and I get to pick the songs I want to learn. Classes are also fun because Mr. Storm is enthusiastic and encouraging."


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